Feel Fun &  Adorable! Natural Wellness boutique in Stoney Creek!

Feel Fun &  Adorable! Natural Wellness boutique in Stoney Creek!

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Natural Beauty Cosmetics, Oils and Glam Sessions

We have a great history of working with clients for over 20 years working in the Beauty industry  as a an organic Hair Salon. Formally know as Oakville's First Organic and Vegan Hair salon called The Organic Hair Shop. This salon offered services that provided so many clients with the comfort of a chemical free hair colour service. From Expectant Mothers to Health Survivors, this salon was a success.  In 2017, Owner Audrey was in search for a new Location that provided a healthier and cooler atmosphere as the beautiful warm sun heated up her salon like an oven. Sadly, the location replacement could not be found.  This sudden closure was a shock for many and the Universe provided Audrey with a new fork in the road.  New opportunities or Newer Opportunities!

The Birth of Nature's Glam Shop began! An Online meeting place for people to gather, invest in themselves in a different way. With the practice of meditation, self love, and using methods of beauty that can mould their internal guidance system with JOY. This is an online connection to order organic haircare products, skincare, Canadian Essential oils, Makeups, home hair colour tutorials with Tints Of Nature Hair colour and a avenue of personalized guided meditations, Reiki treatments and Tibetan sound ceremonies. People can meet Audrey in person for a “Glam Session’! This is a fun way of experiencing your beauty. FaceTime or Skype sessions are also available.

Most people discovered the Magical feeling of surrounding themselves in The Organic Hair Shop but didn’t understand why! The energy was infused with LOVE, and prepared for success hours before it opened at 8am everyday! People became regular clients at first for grey coverage, then became friends after for years to come. People to clients to friends to separation, to new beginnings. So why did people feel so inspired and safe, so beautiful and loved bing in the presence of Audrey? It was the Law of attraction! Alignment comes form within. When Audrey's Daily Routine involved getting ready to be ready for the best day of her life, it always manifested success.  These principles of alignment are what will be transferred into the newness of Nature's Glam Shop.

Welcome to Nature's Glam Shop! Communities gather at this well manifested website that will attract joy, abundance and prosperity for all! This is the other half of the now Closed Organic Hair Shop Oakville Salon. 

We embrace closure and allow the Universe to provide you all with a new Glamorous tool called, Joy!

How can Joy create beauty? Well, its as simple as creating the emotional components of happiness, laughter, joy, success, and a practice connection of daily silence that leads you to an unconditional flow of beauty and abundance.

Find out more as we update our website in the month of October! Follow our new Blog.... 


We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery. If you have questions about our products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch! 

Look and Feel Great

Welcome to  our online natural wellness boutique in Stoney Creek. Natural makeup items featured are mascaras, liquid eyeliners and non-toxic nail polish remover.

We offer classes in Stoney Creek! Experience meditations, sound journeying and fitness classes outside in the essence of nature! Located at our outdoor retreat space overlooking the Lake! July to August only! Mobile Energy Sessions and Education available Sept to December in person and annually, online.

Private sound journeying meditations can be offered over phone for your convenience. 

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Nature's Glam Shop

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